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Anti Snore Mouthpiece Reviews: Top 3 Things to Remember When Buying

Published: June 5, 2015
Author: Tony R. ( Tony R. )
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Image: Anti Snore Mouthpiece Reviews: Top 3 Things to Remember When Buying

Find out what you should remember when purchasing an anti-snore mouthpiece. The Mouthguard Store shares with snorers the top 3 things they should look out for.

Snoring: often the butt of bad jokes and scoffing snickers. However, this common condition can lead to more problems than mere mockery. Health risks including sleep apnea and diminished sleep quality can follow. Not to mention, the possible negative impact on a relationship. Anti-snore mouthpieces can provide a bright light at the end of this tunnel of rumbling noise. You can read our review of popular snoring mouthpieces here on the Mouthguard Store.

How Do Anti Snore Mouthpieces Help?

During sleep, your breathing can be compared to train steadily moving along a track. Obstruction to that flow can cause the train to get off course. The result: snoring. How can mouthpieces help this troublesome condition?


  • They Open the Airway: This is done by moving the jaw forward or keeping the palate tissues lifted to prevent blockage.

  • Stabilize the Tongue: The tongue can fall back and obstruct airflow while oral appliances can work to secure and keep the tongue in place.

  • Easy to Use: Conveniently inserted into the mouth while you sleep, they enable proper air-flow to help ensure better rest.

Top 3 Things to Remember When Buying

To get that sleep train back on track, here are several things to look for when purchasing an anti-snoring device.

No. 1 – Comfort: Sometimes consumers are concerned about the degree of discomfort they may experience when wearing a device. While it’s true, some devices take a bit of getting used to and many are geared to provide maximum comfort with minimal disturbance. Boil & bite appliances like the Sleep Tight Mouthpiece, provide a custom fit to an individual's mouth, and can even be refitted if necessary.

No. 2 – Get What Suits You: Anti-snore mouthpieces come in an array of options with various features. By focusing on what your body needs, you can get a device that is both effective and economical.

No. 3 – See What Others Say: Word of mouth does have important value. Look to previous customer testimonials and reviews as a jumping off point for your own purchase.


Anti Snore Mouthpiece Testimonials   

Speaking of number 3, let’s have a brief look at what others have experienced with mouthpieces and anti-snore devices:

“After trying a mouthpiece for the first time, I awoke from a good night’s sleep to a more refreshed me and a happier wife. She said she was not disturbed by snoring sounds at all.” – Bill N.

“I found the Sleep Tight mouthpiece to be very comfortable. It’s small and fit nice and tightly into my mouth. This kept everything in place and provided the suction I needed to get a good night’s sleep again. It worked for me!” – Jim G.


[Image source: Andres Rodriguez under Creative Commons license]

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