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Do You Snore? A Mouthpiece May Help

Published: May 21, 2015
Author: Tony R. ( Tony R. )
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Image: Do You Snore? A Mouthpiece May Help

Is there a relationship between being obese and snoring? MouthGuard Store investigates the question that’s baffling snorers everywhere.

It’s one of the most televised comedic stereotypes onscreen everywhere: a larger than life security guard snoring his troubles away as the sneaky protagonist tip toes his or her way to freedom. The henchman stirs, bothered by his obstructed airways, but is lulled back into his deep slumber. The donut reigned supreme.


It’s an all too common but funny scene in Hollywood, but is there reality to this movie myth? Do all overweight people snore? Of course not – but the chances are definitely high. If you’re worried about your sleep, dietary changes and an exercise schedule should be in the works for you as you browse for snore mouthpiece reviews for extra help.

Does Being Overweight Lead to Snoring?

When you’re packing the pounds, fat tends to build up inside your skin, be it underneath the belly, the behind, and even the chest. When fat starts to develop underneath the neck, it risks pushing into the throat and restricting airways. When the two tissues collide during sleep, snores are imminent: they’re loud on the inhale, silent on the exhale.


But snoring isn’t the only thing to worry about when you’re obese. There are bigger fish to fry, such as:

  • High blood pressure

  • Diabetes

  • Stroke

  • Heart disease

  • Kidney disease

Weight Loss May Help with Snoring

It goes without saying: if you think you’re overweight and you want to change the quality of the rest of your life, weight loss is the answer.


Exercise! When you start getting active, you’ll start building the foundation for a better and healthier lifestyle. By combining resistance training and cardiovascular activity, you’ll not only lose weight, but you’ll gain muscle, which will help burn fat away. But you can’t outrun a bad diet.


Start a nutrition plan. The rule of thumb is to start focusing on lean proteins and leafy greens while tossing out unnecessary carbohydrates like french fries and just about anything deep fried. Dessert? Try a fruit.


Combine Healthy Lifestyle with a Mouthpiece

And if you’re looking to put a stop to your snoring while you’re shedding the weight, a snoring mouthpiece may help. By moving your jaw slightly forward, a snoring mouthpiece allows you to have a good night’s rest. It’s user-friendly and is customized to fit your mouth.

The SleepTight Mouthpiece Really Works

Tami reviewed the Sleep Tight Mouthpiece and was surprised by how much better her and her husband have been sleeping.


She wrote: “After just one night both of us woke up and were surprised that we didn't feel as tired and groggy.”


You owe it to yourself to get a good night’s sleep so you can have a productive head start tomorrow. Start looking at healthier alternatives for food and exercise. Baby steps! If you’re looking to best your snore or for more mouthpiece reviews, shop online today with Mouthguard Store and find the right mouthpiece for you.


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