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Put Snoring to Bed with Mouthpieces

Published: March 8, 2015
Author: Tony R. ( Tony R. )
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Image: Put Snoring to Bed with Mouthpieces

Are you suffering from snoring? The Mouthguard Store provides the most innovative mouthpieces to help put snoring to bed. Find more reviews on snoring mouthpieces here.

Put Snoring to Bed with Mouthpieces

Whether you suffer from the condition, or a nearby loved one suffers due to your condition, snoring can leave it’s mark on health and happiness. Snoring mouthpieces are one way to provide aid and relief to all involved.

Snoring is typically caused by a narrowed or obstructed airway. Air flowing through that airway then causes tissues to vibrate and produce a fluttering, snoring sound.


The Mouthguard Store offers the most innovative snoring mouthpieces to help eliminate the problem. Here’s a quick review of several of these products and their various features and benefits.


Different Types of Mouthpieces

  • SleepPRO Standard: This affordable device provides a custom fit to your teeth, with it’s bite and mold method. It opens the upper airway to eliminate snoring during sleep.

  • SleepPRO Custom: Upgrade with a mouthpiece that is made by a laboratory-grade impression of your teeth. A professional dental kit is sent away and used to create the perfect ultimate fit.

  • QuietNite Z: This is another bite and mold mouthpiece. Used immediately, the defining feature is its dual laminate construction that provides a tight fit. By moving the jaw forward, this device opens the airway to stop snoring.

  • QuietNite Z Elite:To make sure your snoring stops, a trial mouthpiece is used. A custom dental impression is then made and sent away to produce a high-quality, one of a kind mouthpiece.

  • AveoTSD: By suctioning the tongue, this mouthpiece increases airway volume to eliminate snoring. Best suited for those with TMJ, full dentures, or loose teeth.

Snoring is often perceived as simply a nuisance or a joking matter. However, it’s important to realize that snoring can be an indicator of sleep apnea, where breathing stops during sleep. This is a serious condition that is linked to different health problems like high blood pressure and diabetes.


Choosing your Mouthpiece

Has snoring has become a problem for either you or a loved one? Choosing a mouthpiece may not only improve the quality of daily life, but also possibly prevent future health conditions. Founded by top dentist Dr. Michael Williams, The Mouthguard Store is committed to helping you choose the perfect, innovative solution.

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