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Snore-Ex Stop-Snoring Mouthpiece Availability

Published: October 27, 2011
Author: Dr. Mike Williams ( Michael Williams )
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Image: Snore-Ex Stop-Snoring Mouthpiece Availability

The Snore Ex stop snoring mouthpiece has been replaced with the snore eliminator mouthpiece

Availability of the Snore Ex
The Snore-Ex snoring mouthpiece is NOT currently available in the US and has apparently been removed from the market. However, the MouthGuard Store has researched other snoring mouthpieces which are equal to or better than the Snore-Ex.  A product almost identical to the Snore Ex is the Snore Eliminator.  Other Snoring Mouthpieces available from the MouthGuard Store are the Quiet Nite Z, Sleep PRO, and the prescription AveoTSD and MpowRx and Vital Sleep mouthpieces.
How the Snore-Ex type mouthpieces work
The Snore-Ex anti-snoring mouthpiece is designed to advance the lower jaw while sleeping.  This forward movement pulls the tongue away from the airway and stiffens the tissues around the back of the throat. Since the majority of airway obstruction is caused by the tongue, the result of this advancement is improved breathing while sleeping. Because the breathing is better and the tissues are stiffer, the snoring vibration and loud sound is reduced or eliminated.   Snore Ex and other similar stop snoring mouthguards which function this way are called mandibular advancement devices (MAD).
How the Snore-Ex Type Mouthpieces are fitted
Economical entry level MADs are available in the Boil and Bite system which uses thermo-fitted plastic mouthpieces that are softened in in hot water then fitted over the teeth. The fitting process is similar to fitting athletic mouthguards. After cooling these mouthpieces are used during sleep to stop snoring. If the simple boil and bite devices produce satisfactory results, many people elect the better fitting custom snoring and sleep apnea MADs. These more secure and comfortable stop snoring mouthguards can be fabricated by dental impressions made by the user or from your dental sleep specialist.

So although the Snore-Ex is not available in the US, there are many other similar and superior alternatives.

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