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SnoreRx - Snoring Mouthpiece Review

Published: April 3, 2014
Author: Dr. Mike Williams ( Michael Williams )
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Image: SnoreRx - Snoring Mouthpiece Review

A review of the SnoreRx, a mouthpiece that is designed to prevent snoring. The fit and adjust-ability are desirable features. However, the complexity and highest costs can be prohibitive to some users.

SnoreRx Overview

  • Pros
    • The SnoreRx is a popular snoring mouthpiece that has the ability to be adjusted to your own mouth.
    • SnoreRx does not require boil and bite fitting.
    • The adjustable feature, when functioning properly, works well.
    • It's made of good quality materials.
    • FDA cleared.
  • Cons
    • Adjusting the mouthpiece can be difficult due to the many pieces the SnoreRx has.
    • The aitway is open only 4mm (less of an opening then some other mouthpieces).
    • The multiple pieces and restricted airway may limit its effectiveness.
    • It’s one of the the most expensive snoring mouthpieces (about $110).


The front airway is opened (4mm) to allow improved breathing but less than some other mouthpieces on the market. The front airway is partially obstructed due to the design, preventing the tongue form further advancement. It's important that the tongue has the ability to move forward because snoring is caused by the tongue falling back over the airway. The small opening may hinder some airflow when compared to other mouthpieces.


Ease of Use

One of the best features of the SnoreRx is that the device can be adjusted without boiling and biting the mouthpiece. It relies on custom adjustment by moving the different parts of the mouthpiece around. While this is a benefit, because it allows trying different setting to see which fits you the best, it may be complicated for some people. The fitting can be complicated because the pieces are somewhat challenging to assemble.


Fit and Comfort

The fit can possibly be good but the layers of different materials may separate making the adjustment feature unusable. The overall quality of the device seems good, the materials have adjustment markers and feel sturdy. Jaw pain may be improved if the adjustment device functions properly. Design complexity is a possible problem. As long as the pieces stay in place, it may be very comfortable.

The price of the SnoreRx is higher than most other do-it-yourself snoring mouthpieces, it's about $110. 
Video Transcript

Next we have the SnoreRx. The front airway opening here is only about 4 millimeters and it is partially obstructed by the mechanisms, preventing the tongue from going further forward.


The mouthpiece can be adjusted later without additional boiling and biting but it can be complicated for some people. As long as the components, the pieces, stay together, it can be very comfortable and the quality appears to be good.


You should expect to pay around $110 for this mouthpiece.


So, in conclusion, while the SnoreRx appears to be of good quality, the multiple pieces and restricted airway may limit its effectiveness.  


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