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Snoring Mouthpiece Gives Relief And Improves Health

Published: November 3, 2012
Author: Dr. Mike Williams ( Michael Williams )
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Image: Snoring Mouthpiece Gives Relief And Improves Health

Your snoring can damage your sleep partner's health. Wearing a stop snoring mouthpiece can improve your partner's health and help save your relationship.

The snoring mouthpiece can help both the snorer and their sleep partner get relief from the snoring noise, keep their relationship together and improve each others health. 
The effect of snoring on the sleep partner is often overlooked but the snoring sound that you make while sleeping has been shown to damage the health of your sleep partner. 

Marriages End Because of Snoring
Snoring is the third leading cause of divorce behind infidelity and money issues. Finding out how to stop snoring could save your marriage and keep you living longer. A recent study conducted by the Rush University Medical Centre in Illinois, USA has proven that couples who struggle with snoring have a high divorce rate.

Medical Effect of Snoring on your Sleep Partner
  • Reduced life expectancy by 4 years
  • Frequent awakenings cause high blood pressure
  • Immune system is weakened allowing more diseases 
  • Work accidents and daytime fatigue are caused form the interrupted sleep.
  • The snoring noise reduces the recuperative benefits of sleep 
  • The loud snoring noise can cause hearing loss
  • Chronic stress from interrupted sleep may cause fibromyalgia 
  • Sexual desire is likely decreased because the sleep partner blames the snorer for their poor sleep quality
  • The jolting sudden loud snoring noise causes the awakenings and physical and emotional stress problems and medical effects

Medical Snoring Treatment Options
  • Various medical treatment options include drugs, and surgeries which include stiffening the palate with implants or lasers, surgically repositioning the tongue toward the front of the mouth, and surgeries to open the nasal passages. Many surgical options have limited success, so reserve this option for more serious conditions such as obstructive sleep apnea snoring.
  • Allergy treatment to keep nasal passages open may be effective.
  • The CPAP device can also be prescribed for sufferers of snoring obstructive sleep apnea.
  • Dentist fitted snoring mouthpieces can be effective.

Self Help Tips on how to stop snoring

  • -Separate bedrooms. This does not stop the snoring but it may improve your relationship.

    -The non snoring sleep partner can use ear plugs if snoring is moderate. 
-White sound may hide the snoring noise 

-Loose weight

-Eliminate alcohol or sedative intake at bedtime 

-Keep nasal passages open with nasal strips, saline sprays and irrigation, antihistamines.

-Snoring Mouthpieces that you fit yourself are a good first line of treatment

Stop Snoring Mouthpiece
An economical and simple alternative treatment used to stop snoring are the boil and bite mouthpieces and custom laboratory mouthpieces. These are user self fitted dental devices which work by moving the tongue forward during sleep which opens the airway and reduces the snoring noise. These mouthpieces are also available as custom laboratory fitted mouthpieces made in the exact same fabrication process that dentists use.  These stop snoring mouthpieces are available from an internet mouthguard store

Try the simple solution first
The snorer has multiple reasons to stop snoring which include protecting their own health as well as that of their sleep partner.
The self fitted stop snoring mouthpiece possibly used in combination with other treatments is a simple solution to help your sleep partner get relief.

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  • Lin 11/22/2012

    If the cause of your snoring is the muscles which are located in the throat relaxing, then its a good idea to buy a mouthpiece.The mouthpiece prevents the lower jaw from falling back and thus stops the muscles from relaxing and blocking the airway which causes the snoring noise. So buy a mouthpiece with repect to the size of your mouth. By the way there are other ways also to quit snoring without buying a $ 50-$ 60 mouthpiece.check them out