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Stop Obesity Snoring and Improve your Sex Life

Published: August 20, 2012
Author: Dr. Mike Williams ( Michael Williams )
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Image: Stop Obesity Snoring and Improve your Sex Life

A snoring mouthpiece may help your impotency and sex performance problems, if you have obesity or are overweight and also snore or have obstructive sleep apnea snoring.

Does obesity cause impotency? A snoring mouthpiece may help sex performance. 

A snoring mouthpiece
may help your impotency and sex performance problems, if you have obesity or just overweight and also snore or have obstructive sleep apnea snoring.

Obesity Impotency

The male physiology requires adequate blood flow to create an erection necessary for sexual activity. For the male, the sex act begins as a vascular event in which there is increased blood flow to the penis.  Any chemical-hormonal interference or obstruction of the vasculature will interfere with normal sex function. Being overweight and having fat located in the abdomen, is associated with increased levels of atherosclerosis which is a condition in which the arteries are clogged. Obstructed blood vessels can cause erection difficulty as well as heart disease and stroke. Testosterone, with other hormones, blood oxygen saturation, nitric oxide and other chemicals play a part in the male sexual arousal. Obesity causes a decrease in nitric oxide and a decrease in testosterone. Both diabetes and hypertension are caused by obesity are related to poor sexual performance and decreased testosterone production. Obesity causes vascular obstruction and chemical imbalances which contribute to impotency.

How Fat Causes Snoring

Snoring and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) also contributes to impotency.  Obesity is a cause of
snoring and (OSA). Snoring occurs as the body attempts to overcome an airway obstruction during sleep. If you are obese or overweight, you are likely to snore. For men the fat tends to accumulate in the abdomen.  This abdominal fat interferes with proper function of the diaphragm making breathing more difficult especially at night as the body struggles to get proper oxygen. As the weight increases neck fat further obstructs the airway making breathing more difficult. This extra breathing effort caused by fat accumulation results in snoring.

How Snoring Causes Impotency

Snoring and OSA also contribute to impotency problems as each causes sleep disturbances and lower testosterone production.  During sleep sudden gasping and frequent arousals are commonly observed with snoring and OSA when the body jolts itself into action to get enough oxygen. Snoring disturbances in the REM sleep phase are associated with reduced testosterone production. Chemicals released during gasping and arousal directly causes hypertension and the reduced oxygen saturation of snoring contributes to impotency. Both obesity itself and snoring contribute to impotency, so eliminating one or both will help.
How a Snoring Mouthpiece Helps Obesity Impotency

Obesity impotency is best treated with weight loss programs. However, snoring and OSA which also causes impotency can be treated with a snoring mouthpiece. A snoring mouthpiece is designed to open the airway. A snoring mouthpiece when properly fitted will prevent gasping, arousals, improve breathing, oxygenation and improve the sleep quality, all of which contribute to normal sexual performance. The snoring mouthpiece can improve testosterone production, oxygen saturation and nitric oxide utilization in the sexual vasculature resulting in improved sexual performance. These mouthpieces are available from dentists or from online mouthguard stores in several types which can be self fitted in hot water or fabricated as custom laboratory mouthpieces. A snoring mouthpiece can improve the snoring and OSA component of obesity impotency.

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