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Stop Sleep Apnea Now, Your Memory Will Thank You Later

Published: June 8, 2015
Author: Tony R. ( Tony R. )
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Image: Stop Sleep Apnea Now, Your Memory Will Thank You Later

According to medical researchers, an Alzheimer’s diagnosis can come a decade earlier if you have sleep apnea. Find out how you can improve your sleep and memory.

What does sleep apnea have anything to do with your memory? Medical data has already linked poor slumber with tiredness and drowsiness which is obvious, but can it really affect the more sophisticated functions of the mind like your memory? According to researchers, Alzheimer's may actually come a decade early if you’re not getting a good night’s rest. One of the most effective ways to get good rest is through sleep apnea mouthpieces.

Sleep Apnea Can Lead to a World of Problems

Often ignored, this disorder can be a gateway to medical problems. In order for your body to fully recharge, aiming for 7 to 9 hours of slumber is ideal. Otherwise you can run into problems such as…

  • Memory loss - a lack of shuteye causes cognitive impairment. Sleep apnea has also linked to an earlier diagnosis of Alzheimer’s.

  • Weight gain - appetite levels are affected by a loss of rest, which makes you hungrier. And don’t think you’ll be clawing for veggies and fruits either. You’ll be predisposed to carb-filled snacks.

  • Cardiovascular problems - Not getting shuteye increases blood pressure, which can lead to more heart-related problems.

  • Mood - Tired? Drowsy? Just plain angry at the world? Blame your poor slumber.

How Does this Product Work?

This mouthpiece is user-friendly and customized to fit your mouth, and your mouth only. By moving your jaw slightly forward, this product removes any chance of obstruction, giving you hours of needed rest.

The Reviews Speak For Themselves

Randy used to suffer through bad bedtime because of obstructive sleep apnea which caused him to wake up at night, gasping for air.  But with the Sleep Tight Mouthpiece, he wakes up refreshed with more energy throughout the day.

He writes: “I believe the special feature of an opening in the front of the device, which allows the tongue to be naturally retained in a forward position, helps keep my air passage open and adds significantly to my ability to breathe easily. Thank you for offering a product that has enabled me to overcome a serious physical impairment.”

Fight Sleep Apnea. Spare Your Mental Health

Why put your memory at risk? This product will not only preserve your mental health, but also put an end to many problems caused by this disorder.

[Image Source: Hugh Guiney]

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