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What is a Boil and Bite: Self-Fit teeth whitening tray mouthpiece/ mouthguard?

Author: Dr. Mike Williams (Michael Williams)

Tagged: Boil and Bite, teeth whitening

User fitted mouthguards and mouthpieces are available in a Boil and Bite version and offer performance at an introductory price. Boil and Bite appliances offer the user an economical entry level mouthpiece option.

Custom Laboratory User-Impression and User Fitted: The user custom fits the mouthguard by making their individual dental impression which is sent to a dental laboratory and returned as a very accurate higher performing dental mouthpiece appliance.

Custom Laboratory: Dentist-Fitted: The most costly alternative but most effective option is to use the services of a dental professional.

Stock Mouthpieces: Self-Fit: The non-fitted mouthpieces come in one size only and offer some limited benefit and are very inexpensive.

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