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What is a User Custom Fitted Laboratory Mouthguard?

Author: Dr. Mike Williams (Michael Williams)

Tagged: Custom Fitted, Laboratory Mouthguard

For a very accurate higher performing mouthguard or mouthpiece and dental appliances that save on the costs of a dentist visit, users can make the impression themselves and get a custom laboratory fitted mouthguard or mouthpiece. 

A simple to use mouthpiece or dental impression tray is provided from the MGS or the dental laboratory. The user molds the tray and mixes a two part putty impression material. After the material set in a few minutes the tray is removed and sent to the professional dental laboratory for fabrication.

Usually in a week or so your new custom mouthguard is returned to you and you are ready to go. Your new dental mouthguard or mouthpiece is made from exactly the same materials that the dentist uses. Specific instructions come in each package.

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