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Why might a night guard or other protective appliance be advisable?

Author: Dr. Mike Williams (Michael Williams)

Tagged: teeth grinding, night guard, nightguard

There are multiple benefits of wearing a nightguard.  The first benefit is to reduce the pain in the face and jaw joint (TMJ) which commonly occurs as a result of the excessive forces caused from the nighttime clenching and grinding.  The nightguard allows the muscles to relax and reduce the stress. The nightguard acts as a protective appliance and protect the teeth from the damage which often occurs as the teeth constantly grind and clench against each other during the night. The nightguard can protect expensive dental restorative treatment from breakage during sleep grinding. The teeth grinding and clenching also known as bruxism may cause many problems including broken teeth, broken dental work, teeth sensitivity, headaches, jaw pain, jaw clicking and popping, worn short teeth and other facial pain. Teeth may become loose and more subject to periodontal disease and root canal treatment. These problems frequently occur during the night but also can happen during the day and the nightguard also called a bite guard may help anytime

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