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JOY the Pregnancy Mouthguard

Image:  JOY the Pregnancy Mouthguard


JOY the pregnancy mouth guard, when used as a birthing mouthguard has been shown to reduce the time of labor delivery and may assist with Lamaze breathing and protect the teeth during the clenching of the birthing process.
The JOY mouthpiece can also help improve pregnancy related snoring.
Follow the easy self-fitting instructions and improve your pregnancy snoring and birthing experience.
Consult with your physician regarding this device for the uses described. Research articles are available upon request.


JOY Self Fitting Instructions
1. Boil some water and then pour it into a cup - let it cool for one minute (if the water is too hot, the mouthpiece will become rough and may be un-wearable. Do not use a microwave to boil the water as this may over heat the water.

2. Completely immerse the JOY for two (2) minutes in the cup of hot water by using a spoon. Keep the white handle seated into the opening of the JOY. You may immerse it for longer if you need it to be softer and easier to bite into. It should be soft enough to take an impression of your teeth and change shape as you move your jaw forward.

3. Remove and shake off excess water, then check that it is not too hot.

4. The plastic will be quite soft. Check that none of the sides have flopped down. Straighten the edges to their original position before placing the mouthpiece into your mouth. (since they will catch on your teeth when you bite into the mouthpiece).

5. Make sure that the JOY is the right way up with the “V” notch at the top.

6. Put it on your lower teeth first then gently close your mouth. Use a mirror to see what you are doing.

7. Fitting
For pregnancy snoring, bite hard and always move your lower jaw forward. To begin with, try with your lower front teeth slightly in front of your upper front teeth, just slightly beyond the edge to edge position.
If you are using this device only during delivery, you do not need to advance the lower jaw. Just bite firmly into the device after softening and compress the material as described below. If you are using it for both snoring and birthing, keep the appliance in its snoring position.
Compression fitting
Bite hard for ten seconds and then bite firmly for another 20 seconds all while continuing with the steps below. Note: if you bite through the mouthpiece, this is generally not a problem. However, if your upper and lower back teeth are touching, then you should not use the mouthpiece.

Note: For snoring help, look for the “LIFT UP effect”, where when you push your lower jaw forward, you see the white handle insert LIFT UP like a drawbridge.
It should start at the horizontal and rise up more and more as you push your jaw further forward. Most people will need to see at least some lift in the white handle “drawbridge” for the mouthpiece to have any effect. How much? It varies from person to person, but you will soon find what is comfortable for you. Suck in to help keep the white plastic insert in place as well as to remove excess saliva and help get a good fit.

8. Use your fingers to compress the soft material of the mouthpiece against your teeth. This will help it take the shape of your teeth.
Tongue: push hard with your tongue against the mouthpiece, particularly against the back of your lower front teeth. Blow out through your mouth if it is too hot.

9. Continue biting and compression then remove after 30 seconds and put in cold water, until it has cooled. Try the mouthpiece back in your mouth.

Note: Properly following these steps usually provides a secure fit which prevents dislodgement during sleep. Sometimes repeating the process will improve the fit. You must reinsert the white plastic insert while remolding the mouthpiece.


The device can be returned within 30 days for a full refund exclusive of the shipping costs. Contact info for details.

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