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ProWhite: 35% Teeth Whitening Gel Refill Syringes (3 Pack)


ProWhite 35% gel refill teeth whitening syringe kit (professional dental office strength). Use for a quick five-minute touch-up or for overnight bleaching. Our three oversized pre-filled syringes (15ml total) contain more whitening gel than most others providing a total of 30 whitening applications.


ProWhite 35% gel refill syringes: Features, Usage and Cautions

* Professional Dental Office strength 35% Whitening Gel is the only glycerin-free formula in the industry. This means that the whitening gel is high-penetration that works faster and better with lower tooth sensitivity. It is simply the best.
* Our syringes have no rubberized plungers which have been shown to taint the whitening gel and adversely impact teeth.
* This is the gel of choice for high-powered bleaching with our premium Thermoform bleaching trays.
* Use for a quick five-minute touch-up or for overnight bleaching. Our oversized pre-filled syringes (5ml each) contain more whitening gel than most others and will provide ten (10) whitening applications each, providing a total of 30 whitening applications.
* This gel is the exact formula used by professional dental offices.
Package Contents
* Three (3) Oversized Syringes (5ml each) of ProWhite 35% Whitening Gel (Carbamide Peroxide) with Tip-Caps
* Detailed Usage Instructions

PRO White Dental Whitening Gel Usage

1. Brush your teeth each time before using the dental whitening system. The whitening gel is most effective on clean teeth

2. Make sure that bleaching trays are clean and dry before applying whitening gel into them. NOTE – Moisture reduces the efficacy of the whitening gel and slows down the whitening process.

3. Apply a small amount of whitening gel around the front interior of the bleaching tray is such as way that the gel will completely cover the front surface of your teeth

4. Position the bleaching tray over your teeth and press gently so that the whitening gel covers the entire front surface of your teeth. Discard and overflow gel by spitting or wiping it from your mouth. Wear bleaching trays from 30 minutes to 3 hours. NOTE – Start slowly and build up your wear-time. You may wear your trays overnight if you have no sensitivities. Longer wear-times create faster whitening results. As an average, optimum results are achieved after 10-30 cumulative hours of wear-time

5. Upon completion of your whitening session, clean the bleaching trays with warm water and toothbrush and store in a safe place

6. Conduct your whitening session once per day until desired level of whitening is attained. NOTE – You may skip days between whitening sessions to minimize sensitivities. This will not affect the cumulative whitening process.

7. Be sure to keep your whitening gel refrigerated (not frozen) when not in use


Sensitivities: Your teeth or gums may become mildly sensitive. This is common while using products containing peroxide and it is not harmful. In case of increased sensitivity, reduce usage time and/or frequency until this problem stops. Warnings: Keep out of reach of children. Pregnant or nursing women consult physician before use.

NOTE: A percentage of users experience transient tooth sensitivity which can be simply treated.
The 35% and 44% Carbamide Peroxide strength whitening gel is considered a higher concentration and generally is the highest strength gel used by dentists for in-office teeth whitening. The higher strength formula whitens teeth faster and with fewer treatments than the 22% strength whitening gel. However, the user may experience increased tooth sensitivity and gum irritation, common side effects of peroxide based teeth whitening. Both tooth sensitivity and gum irritation are temporary and will subside usually within about a day following each treatment. If your teeth and/or gums are known to be sensitive or if you are considering peroxide based teeth whitening for the first time, the 22% whitening gel is recommended. The 22% whitening gel will whiten teeth as well as the 35% with a few more treatments but with less potential for discomfort.
For both the 22% and 35% whitening gel, it is advised that "Should tooth sensitivity persist, reduce treatment frequency and/or duration. If continued discomfort is apparent, discontinue use and consult your dentist."
MGS recommends that first time users try a lower concentration first. All whitening gels are intended for use by individuals with healthy teeth and gums. Gel should not be used if you have periodontal disease, decayed teeth or open mouth sores.


At the Mouthguard Store we offer the following warranty from Pro White

A 30-day, money back guarantee from Pro White products for any reason
This comprehensive return policy gives our customers the opportunity to try teeth whitening products risk free for 30 days so that we can assure complete customer satisfaction. The effectiveness of dental bleaching products can always be determined by each customer within 30 days of purchase. Our return policy is the most liberal in the industry because we are in business to make people happy. If the teeth whitening system that you purchased from us does not meet your satisfaction for any reason, we want you to return your system for a complete refund (shipping charges are excluded) no questions asked.
All returns must be authorized by the returns department. Please notify us if you would like to return your product by sending an email to A return authorization code will be assigned to you and must be included with the returned product.

User Responsibility
• As the end user it is your responsibility to read and follow all directions and safety instructions carefully before using the whitening products. The user of the self fitting mouthpieces and mouthguards assumes all the risks and liabilities and there is no implied guarantee of safety or enhanced performance as other variables exist beyond control of the manufacturer or retailer.

• Our mouthpieces are manufactured with FDA listed materials that are commonly found in other oral mouthguard type appliances made and approved for medical use.

Intended use
• Whitening products and mouthpieces are sold for cosmetic purposes only.

• If you have dentures, loose teeth, dental infections or tempromandibular joint problems, you should consult your dentist prior to using any mouthpiece device.
• Do not store your mouthpiece gels or trays near heated surfaces as the material may soften and be un-wearable.

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  • Tony P.  2/9/2011

    I am a born skeptic so when I tried at-home Whitening [Pro White], I conducted my own effectiveness test by whitening only my upper teeth. I wanted to compare my upper and lower teeth throughout the process. Sure enough, my upper teeth began getting whiter and whiter than my lower teeth and people began asking me why my lower teeth had become so stained! My personal experiment convinced me that at-home whitening really works.

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