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QNZ Rx "ORIGINAL" Snoring and Sleep Apnea Device


QNZ Rx is the original version of the SleepTight Mouthpiece and is available for those who prefer the original design or want increased coverage on the lower front teeth. This version is in very limited supply.

The newer SleepTight Mouthpiece STZ version is available at

The FDA cleared original QNZ Rx can alleviate snoring and improve moderate obstructive sleep apnea. Snoring occurs when the airway is blocked by relaxed tissue. The Rx gently holds the jaw and tongue forward to OPEN the airway and improve sleep breathing. The Rx can be fitted in less than 10 minutes and immediately improve sleep for both you and your sleep partner. The Rx is Effective, Economical and Easy to fit making it the right solution for people who need better sleep.

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Insert the white airway plug firmly into the front of the mouthpiece.
Boil water (enough to cover the mouthpiece) and then pour it into a cup. NOTE: Do not microwave the water. Then allow the water to cool for 60 seconds
Dip and completely immerse the STM for 120 seconds. Use a utensil to hold the STM under water.
After two minutes, remove the mouthpiece from the water and make sure the mouthpiece edges have not folded over and straighten, if necessary. Test the device to make sure that it is not too hot. Then place in the mouth to fit.

Fitting Details after Softening the Mouthpiece
Make sure that the Rx is the right way up with the “V” notch up. Put it on the lower teeth first then carefully close your mouth to seat both jaws into the mouthpiece. Watch yourself in a mirror.
Bite firmly and always move the jaw forward slightly till the edges of your front teeth align (unless directed otherwise). You will see a slight rise of the white airway plug handle as the jaw advances.
While the Rx is warm use the fingers and tongue to compress the soft material around your teeth and gums. Suck in. This will use the tongue and cheeks to further compress the soft material. Keep compression pressure until the mouthpiece temperature becomes normal and then cool in cold water.
Special Note: Moving your lower jaw slightly forward in the warm fitting process is the essential component of the snoring improvement feature. To keep the jaw comfortable move it forward only enough to stop the snoring. The mouthpiece can be refitted a few times if necessary.

Consumer Usage and Care
Simply place the fitted Rx into the mouth while sleeping and position the tongue forward into the opening. Clean with a liquid hand washing soap and store dry in the provided case. Follow good sleep hygiene tips. If you do experience any complications, please stop using this mouthpiece and contact your dentist or other medical personnel.


Please note Professional and Consumer FAQs are at the end of this section.

Consumer Money-back guarantee
The Rx alleviates and improves snoring for almost everyone. However, if it doesn’t work for you, simply return it within 30 days of purchase for a complete refund. Contact us at for return instructions.

User Responsibility
As the end user it is your responsibility to read and follow all directions and safety instructions carefully before your fitting.
The user of the Rx assumes all the risks and liabilities and there is no implied guarantee of safety or enhanced performance as other variables exist beyond control of the manufacturer or retailer.

Consumer Information
The QNZ Rx is an intraoral mandibular advancement device intended to be used for the treatment of snoring and mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea in adults. Rx only

This device should not be used by persons with asthma, central sleep apnea or severe respiratory disorders. If you have loose teeth, advanced periodontal disease, TMJ (Jaw joint pain) or other dental problems consult your dentist before using this device. Use of this device may cause temporary dental problems including increased salivation or possible mouth breathing. If you experience ongoing TMJ pain, gum irritation, bite problems, loose teeth or other dental problems discontinue use of the device and seek dental or medical help. Non-sterile.

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Consumer FAQs
How do I know that the Rx Mouthpiece will work?
The American Academy of Sleep Medicine, American Academy of Family Physicians, the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine and the scientific journal “Sleep and Breathing” all recommend the use of a mouthpiece for the treatment of snoring and the symptoms of mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea.
Original Article:

How does the QNZ Rx work?
The Rx holds your jaw forward during sleep to open the airway and improve snoring.
The most common cause of snoring is air being passed through a partially constricted airway causing vibration of the palate during breathing.
• The mouthpiece works by moving the jaw forward, which opens up the airway and stretches the palate, so it does not vibrate (or vibrates less).
• The front opening also allows forward movement of the tongue as the jaw is advanced which further removes airway obstruction to improve snoring.

Is there a simple test to try before purchasing the Rx?
• You can try this. Close your mouth with your teeth together. Then try to make a snoring sound.
• Then open your mouth a little and move your jaw forward a little at a time and try to make the snoring stop. You will see that the snoring improves. This opening and jaw forward movement is how the mouthpiece alleviates your snoring.
• The mouthpiece holds the jaw in that location while you sleep.

Is there a warranty?
• You have 30 days from your purchase date to verify your satisfaction with the Rx for a full refund. Contact us at for return information.

How soon will the snoring improve?
The first night
• For most people you will know the first night, if your snoring improves. If it improves your snoring for even a short while, then you know that moving your jaw forward and holding it there will work for you. Purchasing the Rx is an economical option to determine if a snoring mouthpiece can help alleviate your snoring before considering a custom device.
• If you do not see improvement right away you may want to contact your medical provider who may recommend certain tweaking steps as described in the professional FAQ section.

How long will the Rx last?
Six months to two years.
• There are many factors that can affect the life expectancy of your Rx. Grinding your teeth while you sleep, how clean you keep it and how you store it will all play a part.

The Rx works but can I get a better mouthpiece?
• It is important to confirm that a snoring mouthpiece can help treat your snoring. The Rx is a very good first treatment option due to its modest cost and easy fitting process.
• While many clients replace their Rx with another one as they periodically wear, others upgrade to a thinner, better fitting and more durable laboratory fabricated appliance available from your dentist.

Will I be able to breathe through my mouth with the Rx?
• The Rx has been engineered with large breathing holes to allow you to breathe easily.
What do I do if my snoring does not improve?
• If you do not see improvement right away you may want to contact you medical provider who may recommend certain tweaking steps as described in the professional FAQ section.
How long does it take to get used to it?
Usually overnight
• The adjustment phase obviously varies from person to person. Usually within a week or two most of the side effects have diminished or disappeared.

How do I clean it?
Use a very soft tooth brush with a liquid soap.
• All Rx products are cleaned in a similar fashion. First use a very soft toothbrush with liquid soap to remove any debris. Toothpastes often contain abrasives which can damage the Rx surface over time causing it to be more susceptible to staining.
• Soaking the appliance in a denture cleaner will gently clean the mouthpiece and give it a fresh minty taste.

Will the mouthpiece make me gag?
• Customers rarely mention gagging. If you have a problem, gradually wear the fitted mouthpiece for a few minutes at a time till and increase the time until the body adjusts to having something in the mouth.

Why do I have so much saliva?
Saliva accumulation will decrease.
• The body initially interprets the mouthpiece as a food type material which requires saliva. This is common and dissipates over time.

Can it help me if I have sleep Apnea?
• Almost everyone with Obstructive Sleep Apnea snores. A mouthpiece which improves snoring will also likely help OSA.
• However, since this is a dangerous medical condition associated with heart disease and other problems, you should be monitored by a sleep physician if you have sleep apnea.
• The Rx and other mouthpieces can be prescribed by a physician or dentist trained in sleep breathing disorders.

Can I use the STM if I wear dentures?
• If you have partial dentures and some front teeth in both upper and lower jaws, the STM may work.
• If you wear a full denture in either jaw
• If you wear full dentures the Rx will not work. You should consider a tongue retaining device such as the AveoTSD.

Why is my Rx rough?
Water was too hot during the fitting.
• If you place a Rx in water that is too hot, it becomes very rough and not wearable and may need to be replaced. However, the Rx does lose some of its smoothness when put in hot water – even at the right temperature. Note: Do not microwave the water.

What is the difference between the Rx and a custom laboratory fabricated mouthpiece?
• The Rx is a “boil-and-bite” mouthpiece, which means you put a thermo-plastic mold in hot water and then bite into it so that it takes the shape of your teeth; this is customized specifically to your teeth.
• The laboratory fabricated mouthpiece is hand-made in a laboratory using a dental impression kit. The laboratory device is made using an impression of your teeth so fits more snugly and comfortably.

Reviews: 8

Average Rating: 4.63/5 Reviews: 8
  • Meg  5/14/2015

    May 2015
    This product is wonderful! My husband slept on the couch for three months because of his snoring and he has a CPAP. Now combined with his CPAP, he is back in our room.

  • Randy  5/14/2015

    April 2015
    I am writing you to share my experience with using Sleep Tight. When I first learned about the product I wondered if it would help me with my OSA condition which was diagnosed by a sleep disorder doctor some time ago. I do not snore but with OSA I awaken several times a night gasping for a breath. Well, with Sleep Tight that never happens now. And I awaken in the morning much more refreshed and with more energy throughout the day. I believe the special feature of an opening in the front of the device, which allows the tongue to be naturally retained in a forward position, helps keep my air passage open and adds significantly to my ability to breathe easily. Thank you for offering a product that has enabled me to overcome a serious physical impairment.
    Randy, Brimingham

  • Mike O  5/14/2015

    November 2014
    The Sleep Tight device was extremely easy to fit based on the instructions and video. And the best news is that it is as comfortable and performs as well as my custom-fit device that I have been using for the last three years. Yes. I like it. Easy to fit and works well.
    Mike O

  • Sharon  12/4/2014

    Thank you for your email. I finally fit the new mouth piece this week and have used it for three nights. It is definitely an improvement over the old one. It does fit better and the snoring is much improved. I did wake up one night on my back and the bottom teeth were out. I don't' usually sleep on my back. I might refit it just a tad as the bottom teeth are not as tight as I would like. In general I would say it works to relieve the snoring pretty well. Thanks for letting my try it and I am happy with it.

  • Mark W  12/4/2014

    I initially used a micro-wave oven to boil the water to fit the mouthpiece. This overheated the water causing the material to become too soft and a rough texture to form on the plastic surface. I contacted the Sleep Tight people and they provided me with another piece and this time I boiled the water on the stove. I am happy to report that the fitting worked as intended with no surface damage to the piece. If the patient follows the directions as stated in the literature and video, this should not be an issue. The mouthpiece did take a day or so to get used to as stated in the video. I also found that my lips were getting a little dry, so I rubbed some Vaseline on them.

    Overall I would say that the Sleep Tight Mouthpiece helps me sleep much better. I used to wake up in the middle of the night with that awful dry mouth and scratchy throat related to open mouth breathing and snoring, but not anymore! Thank you for letting me try the Sleep Tight Mouthpiece, and would recommend others try it as well.

    Mark W.

  • Jim G  11/19/2014

    I found the SleepTight Mouthpice worked very well in my situation. It is very comfortable. The whole appliance is smaller than the SnoreRX, and it has more plastic in it than other smaller appliances so it fits my teeth much tighter. I've had some appliances fall out if I open my mouth at night, but the SleepTight is tight enough where it will stay "suctioned" to my upper teeth, staying in position so when I close my mouth again, things fall back into position. I like it. It works for me!

    Jim G

  • Tami  10/9/2014

    oth my husband and I have been using one for the last few days and are surprised with how much better we've been sleeping. When we ran test studies on ourselves last year, my AHI was just above normal and Phillip's was considered mild OSA (partially due to a physical condition he was born with that affects his jaw and neck).

    After just one night both of us woke up and were surprised that we didn't feel as tired and "groggy". I was especially surprised because my snoring has only been mild within the last couple years when I gained some extra weight and I figured that my fatigue was solely from my other chronic health issues that I've have my entire adult life. I have been more tired recently and just thought it was due to extra stress from starting a new business and getting older. The device was fairly easy to fit and not all that uncomfortable to wear. Definitely worth the benefits of feeling more rested.

  • Brad  10/9/2014

    I had no trouble with the set up instructions and molding it and I think it seemed to help reducing snoring and I felt more refreshed in the morning than usual so I probably had deeper sleep.

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