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Shock Doctor: "Custom" Protection Mouthguard


Shock Doctor now offers you our most advanced mouthguard ever and includes a $30,000 dental warranty.
Expect protection against concussion severity and when fitted correctly. You may experience improved athletic performance known as the MORA or PurePower Mouthguard effect. Your Shock Doctor Custom Laboratory mouthguard can be made as an upper or lower mouthguard which stays firmly and comfortably in place, making it easier to breathe, speak and focus on the game. The "Custom" is the best in Protection and Performance from Shock Doctor.

Video Instructions and Fitting Video

Watch fitting video
Watch fitting video

Your kit contains:
* Two part Easy-Set Dental Impression Gel
* Precision fitting tray
* Self-seal bag
* Pre-paid shipping box

Refrigerate the putty for 15 minutes (putty is heat sensitive and may set up too fast if it is too warm). You can still use your putty if you leave it in the refrigerator for more than 15 minutes, but remember that the recommended storage temperature is 59°F-78° F.
Prepare a clean surface and gather the items you will need to create your self-impression mold (you may want to do this in front of a mirror to assist in proper placement of the mouthguard tray):
* Small sauce pan with boiling water
* Small bowl with cold water
* Scissors

IMPORTANT: NOT recommended for youth under age 11
DO NOT use with braces, removable dental appliances, or loose teeth
ADULT SUPERVISION suggested for athletes less than 18 years of age
Do not mold if room temperature is greater than 80° F

Fitting the impression tray for your own dental impression
Try on the mouthguard tray. The tray should extend all the way over your back teeth. If the tray feels like it is too long (extends beyond your last molar), cut it with scissors at the furthest slot on the tray. Retry tray in mouth. If still too long, trim at remaining slot.

Bring water to a boil in sauce pan, and then remove from heat. Place the fitting tray in the hot water for 30 seconds. Immediately immerse tray completely in cool water for about 1 to 5 seconds.
Place tray in mouth and bite down firmly. Use your fingers to push tray against your teeth and gums. The tray will form and cool within 30 seconds. Remove the tray and rinse under cool water and let it dry completely.

Making your own dental impression Remove putty from refrigerator. Knead the two putties together with your fingers until it is one uniform color, about 30 seconds. Form the putty into a cylinder shape, about 3-4 inches long. Immediately place just enough putty in the tray to fill the tray.

NOTE: There may be extra putty, which you can dispose of. The putty should be flush to the top of the tray. Quickly place the tray with the putty in your mouth and bite down firmly until you feel your teeth contact the tray, pulling your upper lip over the front of the tray. Be sure the putty has good contact with all of your teeth, especially back molars. Relax and hold this position for about 2-3 minutes. You should be able to feel the impression material hardening under your lip. Leave in mouth until the putty outside the tray becomes firm.

Remove tray with self-impression mold from your mouth. A good impression should include all of your teeth and extend to the gum tissue above the teeth. Rinse self-impression mold in warm water and let dry 5 to 10 minutes, then return it to its plastic bag.

In the shipping box provided, include your self-impression mold and completed order form . (If you customized online, remember to print out your order form.) Close and mail to the Shock Doctor Dental Lab. You will receive your Shock Doctor Custom Mouthguard in approximately 2 weeks at the address provided on the order form.


ShockDoctor Warranty

Shock Doctor Custom Dental Protection Warranty
Upon receipt of your Mouthguard and Impression kit, you will receive warranty information directly from Shock Doctor. To obtain this $30,000.00 dental protection warranty you must complete and return the warranty application directly to ShockDoctor.

Product Satisfaction Warranty
The MouthGuard Store has selected mouthguards and mouthpieces from industry leaders. The MouthGuard Store offers the Satisfaction Shock Doctor Warranty as explained below.

Product Replacement
If you are not completely satisfied with your Shock Doctor custom mouthguard, return it within 10 days and we’ll replace your mouthguard at no charge.
Please email us at info@mouthguardstore for replacement or return information.

Product Return and Refund
How to request a product return or refund authorization number (RNA)
You may return your product purchased on-line for a full refund or exchange IF:
1. Your product is found to be defective. Your Shock Doctor on-line purchase is warranted against all manufacturers defects.

2. Within 30 days of purchase, if the item is returned unopened/unworn in the original box, we will provide you a refund based on your original method of payment.
The product must be returned to MouthGuard Store within 14 calendar days of the email issuance of the RNA for a refund or exchange.

Please include the following information in your package:
* Your name, return address, e-mail address and telephone number
* A brief description of the problem or service you are requesting
* A copy of the receipt dated within the warranty period for your product.
* Reference your assigned Return Authorization Number on the outside of your package.
* Failure to do so may cause a delay in processing your claim or package being returned.

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  • Anonymous  8/19/2011

    Is a mouthguard worth $150?? This one is! I admit it was a diffcult decision to spend the $$, but I'm sold. I grew up with the $1.99 junk - wow, what a difference. Total custom -- looks awesome and fits even better. If you or your child is a mouthguard chewer (rendering it all but useless), this is the product for you -- the fit is so good it is not easy to pull it out with your tongue to chew on it. With the focus on concussions, this mouthguard is worth the $$.

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