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SleepTight Mouthpiece STZ

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The SleepTight Mouthpiece STZ is a safe and effective remedy for snoring and obstructive sleep apnea. FDA cleared and made in the USA. Simple to fit and use. Natural drug free snoring cure. Dentist designed. Affordable, comfortable, and effective. Easy to use and guaranteed.
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The SleepTight Mouthpiece was developed by US dentist Dr. Mike Williams, member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, and Paul Swann, a designer and researcher for the largest mouth guard company in the world. Dr. Williams personally suffered from a snoring problem and endured multiple unsuccessful surgeries to improve his snoring. He began looking for other non-surgical options to treat his snoring and discovered the safe and effective mouthpiece solution. There were many problems with the existing mouthpiece designs, but after evaluating feedback from users around the world the new and improved SleepTight Mouthpiece STZ was born.


• The goal of the STZ snoring mouthpiece development was to create a product that is affordable to regular people who did not have the time or resources for a custom dentist fabricated device. The STZ can be thousands less than a custom dental device and still help improve snoring for most people.

• The STZ utilizes a dual laminate material design which dramatically improves its fit, comfort and effectiveness. The custom fitting assures you of the most accurate fit for your own anatomy. This fitting is safely and easily done in the comfort of your home.
• With the STZ the tongue can be passively held forward to further open the airway and allow for normal sleep swallowing. Some devices squeeze your tongue into a bulb causing pain and prevent normal swallowing.
• The STZ is manufactured in the USA and does not contain BPA or latex.
• FDA Cleared for Snoring and designed by professionals to help snoring

• After the many years of safe and effective prescription use for snoring and OSA, the FDA has cleared the STZ as an over the counter device as an effective aid for snoring but not OSA.
• The STZ is available from this website for OSA use for qualified customers who are not likely to have a severe form of OSA. Medical consultation is recommended for all persons who suspect the presence of OSA, particularly those who have been observed to stop breathing and gasp for air during sleep.
• The STZ combines the proven technologies of jaw advancement and tongue retention to help treat snoring. The STZ provides mandibular advancement device to open the airway and gentle tongue retention to passively hold the tongue forward. The tongue retention helps reduce the teeth and jaw discomfort and improves the airway size.
• This device should not be used by persons with asthma, central sleep apnea or severe respiratory disorders. If you have loose teeth, advanced periodontal disease, TMJ (Jaw joint pain) or other dental problems consult your dentist before using this device. Use of this device may cause temporary dental problems including increased salivation or possible mouth breathing. If you experience ongoing TMJ pain, gum irritation, bite problems, loose teeth or other dental problems; you should discontinue use of the device and seek dental or medical help.
• The STZ is sold worldwide and has helped thousands of people around the world


• The STZ uses the simple “boil and bite” fitting process familiar to millions of athletes to fit mouthguards. Easy to fit (5 minutes) and Simple to Use
• Follow the easy to use instructions included with the packaging
• If you are not satisfied for any reason during your 30-trial period, you can return the STZ for a refund. Your trial period begins at time of purchase.Contact us for return information:


Watch the YouTube STZ fitting video on the bottom of the page at: Gather your supplies: STZ Mouthpiece with fitting handle, saucepan, cooling cup, timer, and spoon.

1. Bring to a boil, about 10 oz. (300ml) of water, then pour the hot water into another bowl. Wait about 10 seconds.
2. Then place the STZ into the bowl to soak and soften for 2 1/2 minutes. Use a spoon to hold the STZ under water. Don’t let the
spoon stick to the STZ.
3. After soaking, remove the STZ from the water. Check to make sure it is not too hot and straighten up any folded edges. Hold the
STZ with the “V” shaped notch up.
4. Place the STZ on the lower teeth first, in the center of your mouth. Work in front of a mirror. Then bite into the upper part of the STZ.
You might need to move your jaw slightly forward to align the upper.
5. While continuing to bite, use your fingers to firmly mold and compress all areas of the soft mouthpiece against the teeth and gums.
Suck in and push the tongue against the sides of the soft material especially front upper.
6. When at body temperature (about 6 min.) remove and place the STZ in an ice water bath to shrink fit for 5 minutes. To remove the
fitting handle, squeeze the wings on the front sides and slide off the front retainer clip; then push out the main part from the
back inside. Keep the fitting handle and use the same steps if additional fitting is desired.

Place the fitted STM into the mouth while sleeping and position your tongue into the opening. Clean with a very soft toothbrush and liquid anti-bacterial soap. Use our approved cleaning tablets weekly to keep the STZ fresh and clean. Store dry in the provided case. After a few days you can refit if the snoring has not improved. Need more help? Please check the resource link below for additional guidance or returns. If you experience complications, stop using this mouthpiece and seek professional help.



You have 30 days from your purchased to return the product. Return to:

PO Box 551122
Ft. Lauderdale FL 33355 US

Indicate reason for return.

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