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SnoreTek Anti-Snoring Chin Strap

Image:  SnoreTek Anti-Snoring Chin Strap


The SnoreTek Anti Snoring Chin Strap is a soft comfortable adjustable fabric band which helps keep the mouth closed and forward. This prevents the tongue from dropping back over the airway during sleep, which is the cause of snoring.

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SnoreTek Uses
1. Helps Open Mouth Snoring & Dry Mouth
This is a simple effective solution for open mouth snoring and problems with dry mouth sleeping. You will be comfortable while wearing the safe noninvasive SnoreTek.

2. Prevents CPAP Bloating and Dry Mouth (Aerophagia)
The SnoreTek by keeping the mouth closed, offers CPAP users a solution to the common stomach bloating problem caused from air being blown into the open mouth.

3. Improves Snoring Mouthpiece Effectiveness
Snoring mouthpieces commonly fall out making them less effective. When worn while sleeping, the SnoreTek can prevent the mouthpiece from falling out and this helps stop snoring.

You must be able to breathe freely through your nose for these applications to have benefit.


1.Open Mouth Snoring and Dry Mouth
Open mouth snoring is very common. Use this simple innovative aid to retrain your sleep breathing from noisy open mouth snoring to quiet nasal breathing. Your sleep partner will love you for it.
If you snore though your mouth, you probably have a dry mouth. The SnoreTek can help keep the mouth moist because the mouth will be closed during sleep.

2. Use with a Snoring Mouthpiece
Snoring mouthpieces have a long effective history for treating snoring. However, even the best devices may fall out for various reasons when the mouth relaxes during sleep. The SnoreTek helps overcome this problem by gently keeping the mouth closed which allows the jaw to hold its open forward position to stop snoring and help obstructive sleep apnea.

3. CPAP CombinationUse
Chin straps can be used in conjunction with a CPAP mask to help keep your mouth closed during use. CPAP users complain of stomach bloating and dry mouth as air is forced through the mouth instead of the nose. Keeping the mouth closed with the chin strap allows for nasal breathing and prevents air from being forced into the stomach. Consult with your medical provider for this use.

FITTING and USE: Simple to use and Easy to fit.
The SnoreTek strap is affordable and long-lasting snoring solution. After a few nights of use most snorers report that they do not even notice wearing it. This device offers an instantaneous and non-invasive remedy for snorers particularly open mouth snorers. With its fully adjustable function it can be worn by almost anyone.

The SnoreTek Chin Strap wraps around the chin and the top/back of the head to help keep the mouth closed during sleep. The SnoreTek device is easy to use, and is compact for travel or storage. The one-piece, two-strap design ensures comfort and will hold its position during sleep. The SnoreTek prevents the jaw from dropping back and closing the airway, the cause of snoring.

HOW TO FIT the SnoreTek Chin Strap
Position the Chin Support Strap as shown above, under the chin and place the cutouts around the ears. Then fasten the adjustable Velcro straps in the most comfortable and effective position.

To alter upward force, place the strap further forward on top of the head. It can be adjusted this way for increased tension, and also moved towards the back to reduce it. This simple positioning system helps to find the desired upward force with the optimum comfort. Washing before first use is recommended.

The chin strap can be removed and used again and again without having to adjust it each time. It can be easily re-positioned at any time if necessary.

This device will NOT be effective, if your nasal passages are closed. Blockage can occur from allergies, alcohol consumption, smoking, nasal infections, nasal structural abnormalities or other medications which restrict nasal breathing. You must be able to breathe through your nose for the product to help. Clean the device by hand or machine washing.


User Responsibility
It is your responsibility to read and follow all directions, cautions, and safety instructions carefully before fitting or using the SnoreTek Anti-Snoring device.

Warranty & Refunds
We believe that you will be completely satisfied with the SnoreTek Ant-Snoring Chin Strap and we offer the following warranty.

Product Warranty
Your product was inspected before shipping and was found to be in proper condition. If an item is found to be defective upon receipt, simply contact us by email ( for Return Authorization within 15 days of receipt of product. Then return the defective merchandise to us in its original packaging and we will send a replacement.

You also have 90 days to try the product and receive a refund of the purchase price. Email us at for Return Authorization. Shipping Charges (to and from you) are not refundable. Refund requests will be processed within 30 business days of our receipt of the returned product.

This device will not be effective, if your nasal passages are blocked due to allergies, infection, alcohol consumption or other structural abnormalities.
Medical consultation is recommended for users with known or suspected sleep apnea conditions.

SnoreTek Service
SnoreTek is an e-Commerce service that focuses on test marketing for products and services which can improve or treat sleep breathing disorders particularly snoring and sleep apnea through our various internet sales platforms.

These products and services include oral appliances, chin straps, nasal strips, clips and dilators, pillows, bedding options, dietary consultations, dental and physician services, CPAP, sleep center referrals, medications, testing services and devices, sleep monitoring, sleep apps, sound modification devices and other to be named products that can improve the quality of sleep. These services are marketed in full compliance with all known FDA requirements for US customers.

Through our e-Commerce platform we can test market your snoring or sleep product or service to help determine the market viability and consumer benefit.

Contact us at for more information.

Reviews: 2

Average Rating: 4.5/5 Reviews: 2
  • J. W. G.  12/27/2012

    My wife says it works great. Comfortable to wear. Tried other devices and they did not work. This one really works.

  • mountainread  9/17/2012

    Just what I need! This is the best solution that I ever found for my snoring problems. My snoring stopped overnight when I started using the neoprene strap. My wife and I can sleep more soundly at night as she claims that my snoring used to keep her up. It's also very easy to use, I just snap it around my chin and I can say goodbye to my snoring faster than I can say goodnight. It really works well.

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