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PureSleep - Snoring Mouthpiece Review

Published: June 16, 2014
Author: Dr. Mike Williams ( Michael Williams )
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Image: PureSleep - Snoring Mouthpiece Review

A review of the PureSleep snoring mouthpiece. Although initially adjustable, the lack of future adjustments and likely poor retention could be a problem for some users.

PureSleep Overview
  • Pros
    • Can be adjusted to your unique bite.
    • FDA cleared.
  • Cons
    • Future bite adjustments cannot be made.
    • Small airway (3mm).

The front airway is open only 3mm and partially obstructed, preventing the tongue form further advancement. Snoring is caused by the tongue falling over the airway during sleep, the obstructed airway with this mouthpiece can prevent the tongue moving forwards. The airway of the PureSleep is smaller than most other mouthpieces on the market. 
Ease of Use
The best feature of the PureSleep mouthpiece is that it can be adjusted to accommodate your particular bite. The problem however is that it cannot be adjusted after the initial fit.
Fit and Comfort
The fit of the mouthpiece impacts its effectiveness, in this case it doesn’t grip as tight around the back teeth and may not be as effective. There is no room for error when initially fitting this snoring mouthpiece, you can only select 1 of 3 setttings.
Expect to pay around $70.
Video Transcript
The PureSleep Mouthpiece.
The front airway is open only 3 millimeters and it is obstructed.
This mouthpiece can accomodate your unique bite but cannot be adjusted after its initial fitting.
This mouthpiece doesn't grip as tight around the back and it may not be as effective. 
Expect to pay around $70.
In conclusion, although initially customizable to your unique bite, future adjustments cannot be made and PureSleep does not appear to grip as tight as it should or could around your teeth.

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