Does Apple Watch Track Snoring? - Everything You Need to Know

Last updated: February 11th, 2024
Apple Watch Sleep Tracking and Snoring What You Need to Know

Does Apple Watch Track Snoring?

Does Apple Watch track snoring? Not directly, but when paired with third-party apps, it becomes a powerful tool for snoring analysis and sleep management. This article delves into the Apple Watch’s sleep tracking features and how certain apps can extend its functionality to help you understand and control snoring, answering the question: does Apple Watch track snoring?

Key Takeaways

The Apple Watch doesn’t directly track snoring but provides insights into sleep quality and breathing irregularities, which can be associated with snoring. Third-party apps like SleepWatch and Koala Nap can give a detailed analysis and help manage snoring. Built-in features of the Apple Watch allow users to track their sleep stages and respiratory rate, and review their sleep average over a 14-day period, offering indirect clues to potential snoring issues which can indicate sleep disorders. For significant and chronic snoring, especially when accompanied by symptoms like daytime sleepiness or choking sounds during sleep, it’s important to consult with a healthcare professional as it could be indicative of sleep apnea, a condition with serious health risks.

Apple Watch and Snoring: What You Need to Know

The Apple Watch is a versatile device, capable of tracking various sleep stages including REM, Core, and Deep sleep. You can even view your sleep average over the last 14 days, right on your wrist. But what about snoring? Can it detect those annoying nighttime sounds that keep your partner awake? Well, while the Apple Watch itself doesn’t directly detect snoring, it does offer insights into your sleep quality and potential breathing irregularities, which may be associated with snoring severity. However, if you’re looking for a more concrete way to track your nocturnal noise, you may need to turn to third-party apps. Apps like SleepWatch and Koala Nap can provide detailed analysis of your sleep and snoring data, offering features that go beyond the capabilities of the Apple Watch itself. These apps use advanced algorithms for snore detection and even offer features to help you reduce snoring. So, while your Apple Watch might not listen for your snores, it can definitely help you keep tabs on them.

Built-in Features

The built-in Sleep app on your Apple Watch is a handy tool for monitoring your sleep patterns. It not only tracks your sleep stages but also your respiratory rate while you sleep. This gives you a comprehensive overview of your sleep quality and can indirectly hint at potential snoring issues. After all, changes in your respiratory rate during sleep could suggest breathing irregularities, which are often associated with snoring. Creating sleep schedules and monitoring your time in REM, Core, and Deep sleep stages with the Sleep app will aid in meeting your sleep goals and gaining insights into your sleep quality and sleep cycle. These features are designed to help you better understand your sleep habits and make necessary adjustments to improve your sleep quality, and potentially, reduce snoring.

Third-Party Apps

For a more detailed analysis of your snoring habits, despite the valuable insights provided by the Apple Watch, you might find third-party apps beneficial. Apps like SleepWatch and Koala Nap are designed to fill this gap, offering detailed analysis of your sleep and snoring data. These apps use advanced machine learning algorithms to accurately detect snoring sounds, distinguishing them from other non-snoring noises. SleepWatch, for instance, allows you to record, listen to, and track your snoring alongside your sleep sound recording. On the other hand, Koala Nap aims to reduce snoring by sending notifications to adjust your sleeping position. It even offers a trial period before starting a subscription model for its services. With these apps, you can not only track your snoring but also take proactive steps to manage and potentially reduce it.


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