SnoreRx Plus and PureSleep: A Detailed Comparison and Review

Last updated: February 7th, 2024
SnoreRx Plus vs PureSleep Anti-Snoring Mouthpieces Compared

Quick Overview of SnoreRx Plus and PureSleep

SnoreRx Plus and PureSleep are both mandibular advancement devices (MADs) designed to reduce snoring by enhancing airflow through the airways. These anti-snoring mouthpieces work by repositioning the lower jaw forward, preventing the tongue and soft tissues from obstructing the airway and causing snoring. While both devices serve the same purpose, they differ in terms of customization options, materials, and price points. When comparing SnoreRx vs PureSleep, it’s important to consider their unique features.

SnoreRx Plus is a highly customizable option, offering advanced adjustability and enhanced lateral movement, making it suitable for various sleepers. On the other hand, PureSleep is a budget-friendly choice with two levels of customization, catering to those seeking an affordable yet effective solution. Both devices are FDA-approved and have been recommended by expert sleep product professionals, making them trusted options for those suffering from snoring issues.

Detailed Review of SnoreRx Plus - The Highly Customizable Option

Price: $99 for one device, $154 for two devices

For SnoreRx Plus Specifications

Medical-grade copolymer plastic

Boil-and-bite design with adjustable lower jaw positioning

Effectively designed to reduce snoring, SnoreRx Plus is a highly customizable mandibular advancement device (MAD). It features a boil-and-bite design, allowing for a customized fit that caters to individual mouth shapes and sizes. The device offers advanced adjustability, with the ability to reposition the lower jaw forward in 1-millimeter increments up to 6 millimeters. This level of customization ensures that the device is effective in reducing snoring for a wide range of sleepers with different bite styles and mouth sizes. Constructed from medical-grade copolymer plastic, SnoreRx Plus ensures durability and safety for long-term use. It is also FDA-approved and backed by a 30-night trial, providing a full refund if the device does not meet your expectations. Given its customization options, high-quality materials, and positive user feedback, SnoreRx Plus presents itself as an excellent choice for those in search of a highly effective and adjustable anti-snoring mouthpiece.

Pros and Cons of SnoreRx Plus


Highly customizable for a personalized fit

Durable and made from medical-grade materials



Higher cost compared to other options

Bulkier design

One of the primary advantages of SnoreRx Plus is its customization options, with the ability to adjust the lower jaw positioning according to individual needs. This ensures that the device is effective in reducing snoring for a wide range of sleepers with different bite styles and mouth sizes. Additionally, SnoreRx Plus is constructed from medical-grade copolymer plastic, providing durability and safety for long-term use. However, SnoreRx Plus comes with a higher price tag compared to other anti-snoring devices like PureSleep. Its bulkier design may also be less comfortable for some users, although it provides increased sturdiness. Despite these drawbacks, SnoreRx Plus remains a popular choice due to its effectiveness and customization options.


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