What is AirSnore?

Last updated: February 4th, 2024

What is AirSnore?

AirSnore is a snoring mouthpiece which works by gently holding the jaw forward to improve airflow during sleep. It's a Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD) which means it's a mouthpiece that works by moving the lower jaw forward, preventing the vibration that causes snoring.

Video Review

This is an AirSnore review video for Snoring Mouthpiece Review: What you'll see in the video review: How AirSnore works What's in the box How to fit AirSnore Actual patient results (snoring report chart) How to clean the mouthpiece

Where can I buy AirSnore?

You can buy AirSnore on: airsnore.ca

Review Contents

Ratings/ Pros and Cons How It Works Video Review What's Included Precautions/ Health Info Product Details Patient Results Fitting Process Company Info Costs, Shipping Options And Warranty Cleaning Summary

Ratings/ Pros and Cons

AirSnore Ratings Overall 78% Effectiveness 73% Fitting Process 82% Easy to Clean 72% Comfort 84% Value 83% Pros and cons of AirSnore Pros Comfortable Low cost Can be re-fit No adjustment tools required Large airway opening Cons Not FDA cleared Material is not be as durable as other mouthpieces Harder to clean

How It Works

How does AirSnore work? The mouthpiece is first molded to your teeth during the boil and bite fitting process. Once fit, it rests in your mouth on your teeth. While it's in place, it moves your jaw a little forward to open your airway enough for breathing more easily while you sleep. Snoring is caused by vibration of the soft palate, this vibration is reduced when the jaw is advanced while wearing AirSnore.

What's Included

What's in the AirSnore box? AirSnore includes: One (1) AirSnore snoring device One (1) fitting handle One (1) storage case Fitting instructions

Precautions/ Health Info

Can AirSnore be a choking hazard? No. AirSnore is too large to be swallowed. Does AirSnore work for sleep apnea? No, although not explictly stated, AirSnore appears only designed for snoring and isn't intended for sleep apnea. Can I wear AirSnore if I have dentures or missing teeth? Maybe. Please contact your dentist about wearing AirSnore. Does AirSnore contain latex or BPA? Unknown. AirSnore claims to be made of food grade EVA materials but there is not explicit mention of latex or BPA. Is AirSnore cleared by the FDA? No, AirSnore has not been cleared by the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration). Many snoring mouthpieces are FDA cleared. AirSnore claims their mouthpieces are made in FDA approved facilities, however.

Product Details

What does AirSnore look like? How long will AirSnore last? The device should last 6 months of repeat usage. AirSnore guarantees the product for 60-days. Are there different versions or sizes of AirSnore? No, AirSnore only comes in one size. How wide is the AirSnore airway? AirSnore has an airway opening of 5 millimeters. This is enough of an opening to breath comfortably at night although the airway may collapse if overheated. How does AirSnore compare to other mouthpieces? When reviewing, AirSnore is very similar to SnoreMeds and SnoreMedic. AirSnore has a larger airway opening, however. One should expect similar results with AirSnore to these other mouthpieces.

Patient Results

Actual Patient Results Wearing AirSnore A patient who snores wore AirSnore and recorded their snoring using a snoring app. The results show that the snoring frequency and intensity was reduce while wearing the mouthpiece. There was a period of time while wearing the mouthpiece that snoring did occur, however. Before using AirSnore: While wearing AirSnore:

Fitting Process

Step-by-step fitting instructions for AirSnore AirSno

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