CCM Next Gen SISU Custom Mouthguard - Senior: Review

Last updated: January 28th, 2024


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Product Overview

Price: $24.99

Features & Technology

  • Crumple Zone Technology: A modern take on mouthguard technology designed to maximize impact absorption.
  • Thickness: At 1.6mm, it's 50% thinner than standard EVA mouthguards, prioritizing user comfort.
  • Performance: With re-engineered perforations, it ensures increased strength without compromising on safety.
  • Fit: Offers a custom fit in just 2 minutes, and is re-moldable to guarantee the best fit possible.

Customer Reviews

Forward 10 (09/22/2020)

Hands down the best mouthguard I've tried. Compatible with braces, easily adjustable, and doesn't hinder communication on the ice.

ERG (11/10/2020)

My son is all praises for this mouthguard. Molding is a breeze, and it feels lightweight inside the mouth.

DrummingAddict (04/29/2021)

Molding it perfectly took a couple of tries, but once set, it stays in place and allows seamless talking.

Goaile (10/01/2021)

Formation is simple. It's light and non-obtrusive, perfect for long plays.

Shipping Information

This product typically ships within one business day.


How does Crumple Zone Technology work?

It's an advanced design feature that ensures the mouthguard absorbs the maximum impact, safeguarding the user's teeth and gums during intense gameplay.

Is it suitable for those with braces?

Yes, many users have noted its compatibility and ease of use with braces.

How many times can it be re-molded?

The mouthguard can be re-molded multiple times until the desired fit is achieved.

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