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Last updated: January 28th, 2024

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The CCM-SISU 3D Guard Custom Mouthguard is a premier protective gear introduced in 2022. Available in black, white, pink, red, and royal, it is priced at $29.99 and designed with athletes in mind.

Description & Features

  • Crumple Zone Technology: Superior to the standard EVA mouthguard, ensuring maximum impact absorption. It comes with a perforated design, allowing players to drink without the need to remove the guard.
  • Thickness: Precisely engineered with 1.6mm on the inside and 2.4mm on the outside, providing optimal protection and unmatched comfort.
  • Performance: Enhanced perforations make the mouthguard sturdier.
  • Fit: Achieve a custom fit in under 5 minutes. It also comes with a re-mold option for that ultimate snug feel. Both medium and large sizes are compatible with braces, though a dentist must fit them.

User Review

"Big improvement! Same quality we’d expected but the 3D setup is much easier to fit than the original. A must-have." - Review from 09/25/2022

Shipping & Availability

This mouthguard typically ships within one business day. Please note that it's exclusively available for shipping within the United States and is not eligible for discounts.


  • Q: Can it be used with braces?
    A: Yes, both medium and large sizes can be used with braces. However, it must be fit by a dentist.
  • Q: Is it available for international shipping?
    A: Currently, shipping is limited to the United States.
  • Q: Can I drink without removing the mouthguard?
    A: Yes, thanks to its perforated design, you can drink without taking it off.

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Overall Rating: 4.5


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