Review: CCM-SISU Aero Custom Mouthguard - Ultimate Protection & Comfort

Last updated: January 28th, 2024

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CCM-SISU Aero Custom Mouthguard- Sr Review

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Product Details

Introducing the CCM-SISU Aero Custom MouthGuard, a groundbreaking release for 2022. The mouthguard employs Crumple Zone Technology, setting a new benchmark by being superior to the conventional EVA Mouthguard in terms of impact absorption. A noticeable feature is its 1.6mm thickness, making it 50% slimmer than the typical EVA mouth guards, offering unmatched comfort.

Beyond its protective and comfort attributes, this mouthguard has been engineered with enhanced perforations. This innovation permits users to communicate and breathe effortlessly, even while drinking. And the icing on the cake? A custom fit can be attained in less than 2 minutes, and it's re-moldable to ensure the perfect fit every time. Those with braces can use the Medium and Large sizes, but a dentist must handle the fitting.

Customer Reviews

"The SISU Mouthguard is unparalleled! They're exceedingly comfortable and adaptable, even accommodating braces as your teen matures. We're on our third one and counting!"

Price and Availability

Available at a competitive price of $19.99, the CCM-SISU Aero Custom MouthGuard- Sr is currently in stock. However, it's important to note that the product doesn't qualify for discounts and ships exclusively within the United States.

Shipping Information

Orders are promptly processed, with products typically shipping out within a single business day.


  1. What's the advantage of Crumple Zone Technology?

    It provides enhanced protection by offering superior impact absorption compared to regular EVA mouthguards.

  2. Can people with braces use this mouthguard?

    Indeed, the Medium and Large variants are compatible with braces, but a dentist should conduct the fitting.

  3. Are there any available discounts on this product?

    No, discounts aren't applicable to this product.

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Overall Rating: 4.5


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