MOGO Braces Flavored Mouthguards Review

Last updated: April 11th, 2024

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Product Overview

Price: $19.99
MOGO brings an innovation in mouthguard technology, merging safety with a fresh taste. Specifically designed for those with braces, it promises protection and comfort while ensuring your game remains flavorful.

Key Features

  • Flavor Technology: Revolutionary design embeds flavor into the plastic, offering a lasting fresh taste without it wearing off.

  • Orthodontic Protection: Tailored to fit over braces, ensuring safety without compromising on the fit.

  • Quality Ingredients: Flavor derived from all-natural ingredients, compliant with FDA standards.

  • BPA-Free: Crafted from PolyFlav® resins that are BPA free and safe for food contact.

  • Comfort & Performance: Exceptionally designed for maximum comfort, breathability, and optimal performance.

  • Quick-Release Tether: Ensures convenience with an easily detachable tether.

  • Dental Warranty: Backed by a $10,000 dental warranty, emphasizing the product's trustworthiness.


  • Suitable Age: 10 Years and Older


How does the flavor last so long?

The flavor is embedded directly into the plastic and not merely coated or sprayed on. This ensures longevity in the mouthguard's taste.

Is it easy to clean?

Yes, its design ensures easy cleaning, maintaining both hygiene and flavor.

Does it offer protection to regular teeth as well, or just braces?

While specifically designed for braces, it offers protection to regular teeth as well.

Is the dental warranty applicable for both braces and teeth?

Yes, the warranty covers potential dental damages, emphasizing the product's reliability.

Overall Rating: 4.0


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