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Last updated: January 28th, 2024

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Product Overview

Model: MOGO01
Price: $15.99
Sporting a revolutionary flavor technology, the MOGO Flavored Mouthguards ensure both protection and a pleasant taste, making it a mouthguard athletes will actually want to wear.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Why Use a Mouthguard: Beyond the evident dental protection, it helps prevent possible concussion injuries.
  • Innovative Flavor Technology: Patent-pending and FDA-compliant technology to infuse mouthguards with enticing flavors, eliminating the dreaded plastic taste.
  • Natural & Safe: Made with all-natural ingredients, and free from latex and BPA. Fully tested for toxicity.
  • Expert Design: Crafted in collaboration with a top sports engineering firm in the U.S. boasting decades of experience in safety gear for contact sports.
  • Performance First: While flavor is a highlight, this mouthguard offers optimal comfort, protection, and breathability.
  • Sizing: Suitable for adults (12 and older) and youths (11 and under).

Customer Reviews

Mouthguard - 11/30/2020

My son appreciated the mouthguard, though molding it proved trickier than other brands. He ended up chewing on it during games. Despite being pricier, I had hoped it would be durable enough to prevent this. Nonetheless, he thoroughly enjoyed the flavor, and it left a pleasant scent.

i2photo - 12/27/2012

The flavor becomes overpowering after some time. For its adult size, it's rather small, offering limited protection to the crucial back teeth.

Anonymous - 02/02/2013

The flavor doesn't persist. I've tried both mint and orange variants. The mint's flavor diminished after about 3 hours, while the orange lost its zest in approximately 10 hours.


How long does the flavor typically last?

While experiences may vary, some users reported the flavor fading after several hours of use.

Is the sizing accurate for all age groups?

Yes, the mouthguard is specifically designed for adults (12 and older) and youths (11 and under).

Does it ship internationally?

The product usually ships within one business day, but shipping availability may vary based on the destination.

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Overall Rating: 3.0


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