Mouth Guard (with Strap)- Senior Review

Last updated: January 28th, 2024

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Product Details

Model: 2166S

Price: $2.79

Key Features

  • Traditional "boil and bite" method ensures a custom fit in under a minute.
  • Anatomically correct design for optimal comfort and safety.
  • Double cushion system minimizes the risk of tooth damage, jaw fractures, and concussions.
  • Comes with an adjustable strap for secure wear.
  • Universal size suitable for all seniors.

Customer Reviews

Chapman99 - 08/10/2020

Molding was quick and easy. Works like a mouth guard should.

Shipping Information

Orders are typically processed and shipped out within one business day.


How does the "boil and bite" method work?

It involves submerging the mouth guard in boiling water for a brief period, then placing it in your mouth to mold it to the shape of your teeth and gums.

Is the strap adjustable?

Yes, the mouth guard comes with an adjustable strap to ensure a secure fit during activities.

Can this be used for contact sports?

The double cushion system is designed to protect against impacts, making it suitable for contact sports.

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Overall Rating: 4.0


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