Remi Night Guard Reviews: A Comprehensive Review

Last updated: January 28th, 2024

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Are you tired of waking up with jaw pain and the realization that you’ve been grinding your teeth all night? Enter the Remi Night Guard, a custom-fitted dental guard designed to protect against teeth grinding and improve overall oral health.

In this comprehensive Remi Night Guard reviews, we will explore the ins and outs of this dental marvel, its features, and real-world performance, helping you determine if it’s worth the investment.

Key Takeaways

  • Introducing the Remi Night Guard, a custom-fit night guard providing protection against teeth grinding and other dental issues.

  • The setup process is easy with an impression kit and subscription service for timely replacements.

  • High quality materials, user friendly features & 45 day money back guarantee make it a valuable investment for those suffering from bruxism.

Introducing the Remi Night Guard


Price: $134.00

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The Remi Night Guard claims to be one of the best custom night guards available, providing protection against bruxism, sleep apnea, TMDs, cheek and tongue biting during sleep, and also serving as a reliable custom night guard for those who need bottom night guards, as night guards prevent further damage to teeth and jaw.

The custom-fit guard is crafted to create custom night guards, providing a protective barrier between your upper and lower teeth, reducing the risk of dental damage and encouraging proper jaw alignment. The Remi Night Guard comes with a 45-night money-back guarantee, allowing you to return a poorly fitted guard and secure a refund.

The Remi Night Guard comes as part of a subscription service called Remi Club, which offers replacement night guards every six months at a discounted price. This service aims to keep your dental protection up-to-date and in good condition. But how does the Remi Night Guard perform in practical scenarios? It’s time to explore this aspect.

Setting Up Your Remi Night Guard


The setup process for the Remi Night Guard involves the following steps:

  1. Use the impression kit to create a mold of your teeth.

  2. The molding clay provided in the Remi kit is favored over traditional dental impression materials, as it does not drip all over the mouth and is easier to manage.

  3. Wait approximately five minutes for the clay to set in the impression tray.

The Remi Club subscription service provides timely replacement night guards, ensuring constant optimal dental protection. With its high-quality design, dental-grade, BPA-free materials, and user-friendly features like customizable thickness and flexibility, the Remi Night Guard aims to provide a comfortable and effective solution for teeth grinding sufferers.

A Closer Look at Remi Night Guard's Design and Features

The Remi Night Guard boasts a high-quality design using dental-grade, BPA-free materials for a safe and effective dental night guard. It offers user-friendly features such as customizable thickness (1mm, 1.3mm, and 2mm) and flexibility, making it a better choice than other night guards that may not offer such customization.

Material Quality and Safety Standards

The Remi Night Guard offers reliable protection for your teeth during sleep. Here are some key features of the product:

  • Made from dental-grade, BPA-free plastic

  • Meets safety standards for a durable and safe product

  • Designed by the Remi team, dedicated to providing high-quality night guards

  • Dependable and long-lasting

The durability of the Remi Night Guard ensures it withstands nightly use for at least two years. This commitment to quality sets Remi apart from other companies that may offer inferior products or terrible customer service.


User-Friendly Features and Flexibility

The user-friendly features of the Remi Night Guard include customizable thickness and flexibility, along with straightforward instructions and multiple molding materials provided. To mold the Remi Night Guard, users can access the Impression Instruction Booklet from the Remi website and follow the instructions provided. Reading the instructions thoroughly and viewing any accompanying videos, if available, ensures a successful molding process.

The Remi Night Guard comes with the following features:

  • Putty impression molding materials as supplementary molding materials

  • Options for customizable thickness, including 1mm, 1.3mm, and 2mm

  • Users can select the thickness that best suits their preference and needs.

Real-World Performance of the Remi Night Guard


Users of the Remi Night Guard report that it provides a comfortable fit and effectively protects against teeth grinding, reducing associated symptoms such as jaw tightness and pain.

Let’s examine users’ feedback regarding the comfort and fit of the Remi Night Guard and its effectiveness against teeth grinding.

Comfort and Fit

Users have praised the Remi custom night guard for its custom fit and comfort, noting a snug fit without affecting jaw alignment. In contrast to a badly fit night guard, the comfort level of the Remi Night Guard is comparable to that of night guards manufactured by a dentist.

This perfect fit ensures that users experience a good night’s sleep without the discomfort of an ill-fitting guard. With Remi custom night guards, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best protection for your teeth.

The various thickness options available with the Remi Night Guard allow users to choose the level of comfort and protection that best suits their needs. With its customizable thickness and snug fit, the Remi Night Guard ensures the optimum level of protection and comfort throughout the night.

Effectiveness Against Teeth Grinding

The Remi Night Guard has been effective in reducing teeth grinding and associated symptoms, such as jaw tightness and pain. It functions as a physical barrier between the upper and lower teeth, preventing the grinding and clenching motions that can cause damage to the teeth. The night guard mitigates the amount of pressure and friction generated by grinding and clenching, thus protecting the teeth from excessive wear and tear.

It is estimated that users may experience a decrease in teeth grinding symptoms after using Remi Night Guard within the initial 1-2 weeks of utilization.

Although there are no specific clinical studies or research directly demonstrating Remi Night Guard’s efficacy against teeth grinding, it can serve as a temporary solution to avert additional tooth damage.

The Bottom Line: Is the Remi Night Guard Worth It?

Given its cost-effectiveness, ease of use, and proven efficacy against teeth grinding, the Remi Night Guard is often considered a valuable investment. Priced at approximately $150 for a full set of night guards, it is significantly more affordable than in-office options. The time and effort saved by completing the entire process from home is invaluable.

With its high-quality design, dental-grade materials, and user-friendly features, the Remi Night Guard offers a comprehensive solution for teeth grinding sufferers. The convenience of the subscription service and the 45-night money-back guarantee make this investment even more appealing.


In conclusion, the Remi Night Guard is a cost-effective, convenient, and efficient solution for those seeking to protect their teeth from grinding during sleep. With its high-quality design, customizable thickness, and user-friendly features, it provides the comfort and protection needed for a good night’s sleep.

If you’re tired of waking up with jaw pain and worn-down teeth, the Remi Night Guard might just be the answer to your prayers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Remi Night Guards legit?

Remi Night Guards appear to be a legitimate product, as they are made in the USA with dental-grade, BPA-free plastic, and they claim to offer night guards of equal quality to those from a dentist.

How is Remi night guard?

I'm one week into wearing my Remi night guard and it has been comfortable and fitting perfectly with no issues. I'm very satisfied with the product and I'm glad I decided to try it out. Overall, the Remi night guard has been an excellent choice for me.

Does Remi work as a retainer?

Remi does offer night guards which serve as retainers, as they are made with a material that helps keep the teeth in place while you sleep and keeps your bite aligned. Therefore, Remi does work as a retainer.

How do I cancel my Remi night guard subscription?

To cancel your Remi night guard subscription, simply email with your request. There's no hassle involved and you can change, pause, or skip delivery frequencies at any time.

What is the main benefit of using a Remi Night Guard?

The main benefit of using a Remi Night Guard is its custom-fit design, providing effective protection against teeth grinding and associated symptoms like jaw tightness and pain.

Overall Rating: 4.2


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