Putting the Punch in Protection: A Review of Shock Doctor Kool Aid Mouthguard

Last updated: January 28th, 2024

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When it comes to sports protection, many athletes overlook the importance of a mouthguard. But what if there was a mouthguard that not only provided the ultimate protection but also offered a refreshing Kool-Aid Cherry flavor?

Introducing the Shock Doctor Kool-Aid Mouthguard, a game-changer in sports safety equipment.

Key Takeaways

  • The Shock Doctor Gel Max Power Flavor Fusion Kool-Aid Mouthguard provides triple-layer protection and superior comfort for athletes in contact sports.

  • The mouthguard comes in youth and adult sizes, with a cherry red design to provide reliable protection and style.

  • It offers an average customer satisfaction rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars, making it a worthwhile investment at an affordable price.

Unwrapping the Hype


Price: $24.99

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The Shock Doctor Gel Max Power Flavor Fusion Kool-Aid Mouthguard promises high-profile comfort, breathability, and protection in a compact design. Manufacturers claim that their mouthguard provides a custom fit with a reinforced inner grid and shock frame technology for impact absorption and dispersion.

It’s designed for use in various contact sports such as football, basketball, lacrosse, hockey, wrestling, and boxing. But do these claims hold water? We’ll examine the mouthguard to find out.


  • Triple-layer design

  • Convertible tether for added convenience

  • Shock frame that shields teeth, providing excellent protection

  • Max power flavor fusion technology, which adds a Kool-Aid Cherry flavor to the mouthguard experience.

The target audience for the Shock Doctor Kool-Aid Mouthguard is athletes involved in contact sports. The mouthguard is available in youth size for ages 10 and under, and adult size for ages 11 and over. With its protective features and added flavor, this mouthguard aims to cater to athletes of all ages looking for a comfortable and secure option.

Setting Up for Safety

Molding and fitting the Shock Doctor Kool-Aid Mouthguard is a simple process that requires only a saucepan and water. To form the mouthguard, follow these steps:

  1. Immerse the mouthguard in hot water for 60 seconds.

  2. Remove the mouthguard from the water and shake off any excess.

  3. Place the mouthguard in your mouth and bite down firmly.

  4. Push your tongue against the roof of your mouth.

  5. Suck in strongly to create a vacuum-like seal.

  6. Use your fingers to press the mouthguard tight against your gums.

By following these steps, you can ensure a secure and comfortable fit for your Shock Doctor Kool-Aid Mouthguard.

This custom molding process aims to provide triple-layer protection for optimal safety. The mouthguard is designed to protect the upper and lower jaw, with a focus on the lower jaw thrice as effectively as other mouthguards.

When molding the mouthguard, adhering to the manufacturer’s fitting instructions is a must. This adherence secures a proper fit and optimal protection during sports activities.

Cherry Red Design and Powerful Functionality


The Shock Doctor Kool-Aid Mouthguard features:

  • Cherry red color, often associated with intensity, power, and excitement

  • Intimidating presence during sports activities

  • Triple-layer composite design

  • Integrated breathing channel for convenient breathing while clenching

This low-profile design offers comfort, easy breathability and protection. It’s an excellent choice for the price. Its triple-layer design, equipped with an integrated breathing channel, provides all-purpose protection.

Additionally, the mouthguard is reinforced with an outer frame for increased protection and a tight, natural fit for added comfort.

The features of this mouthguard include:

  • Cherry red design

  • Robust functionality

  • Durability

  • Protection during high-impact sports

These features make it a compelling choice for athletes seeking both reliability and style.

Benefits of Flavored Mouthgards

Flavored mouthguards, like the Shock Doctor Kool-Aid Mouthguard, offer various advantages. They can:

  • Make wearing braces more pleasant

  • Increase comfort during use

  • Help cover any disagreeable taste or smell associated with wearing a mouthguard

  • Make wearing them more appealing to athletes, especially younger ones

The Kool-Aid Cherry flavor of this mouthguard helps improve comfort for athletes by providing a more pleasant experience during use. Correctly positioning the mouthguard in the mouth, which is necessary to experience the flavor, ensures optimal protection and comfort.

Flavored mouthguards can improve compliance among athletes, as the pleasant taste and sensation make wearing them more enjoyable. This increased willingness to use mouthguards consistently can lead to better protection and reduced risk of dental injuries during sports activities.

Youth and Adult Versions

The Shock Doctor Kool-Aid Mouthguard caters to different age groups with two available sizes: youth size for ages 10 and under, and adult size for ages 11 and over. The dimensions of both versions are approximately 8.7 x 4.45 x 1.1 inches.

While specific design differences between the youth and adult versions aren’t provided, the mouthguard is designed to cater to the needs of different age groups.

Fitting the youth and adult versions of the mouthguard involves the same steps mentioned in the “Setting Up for Safety” section. Proper fit and optimal protection can be ensured by following these instructions for all ages.

In the Heat of Action

Customers have noted the following features of the Shock Doctor Gel Max Power Mouth Guard:

  • Ease of molding

  • Quality construction

  • Comfortable fit

  • Improved performance in football

However, opinions on the flavor have been varied. The mouthguard features a robust rubber Exoskeletal Shock Frame and Gel-Fit liner.

The mouthguard is also praised for its superior comfort, breathability, and protection in high-contact sports such as hockey. Its reinforced outer frame and suitability for all contact sports make it a popular choice among athletes.

In boxing, customers have appreciated the combination of comfort, breathability, and protection offered in a low-profile design. The tight, natural fit and reinforced construction have been praised, along with the flavorful options available without sacrificing performance.

The Shock Doctor Gel Max Power Flavor Fusion Mouthguard:

  • Highly effective in preventing teeth grinding during sports

  • Shock frame shields teeth and jaw from side impacts, providing full mouth protection

  • Effectively stabilizes the upper and lower jaws, preventing teeth grinding

Taste Test

Users’ opinions on the Kool-Aid Cherry flavor of the mouthguard have been mixed, with some noting that the flavor is quite subtle and palatable, while others report that the taste dissipates after approximately 30 seconds. Despite these differing opinions, the general customer satisfaction with the flavor of the mouthguard is satisfactory, with an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars.

The flavor of the Shock Doctor Kool-Aid Mouthguard adds to the overall experience, providing an enhanced user experience during sports activities with a great taste and flavor.

Final Score: Is It Worth the Investment?

After evaluating the Shock Doctor Kool-Aid Mouthguard, it offers the following features:

  • Necessary protection

  • Comfort

  • Flavor-enhanced design

  • Average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars

Customers have commended its comfort, breathability, and protection, making it a worthy investment for athletes.

The mouthguard’s pros include:

  • Convertible quick-release feature

  • Versatility with an available convertible strap and quick-release helmet tether

  • Soft interior Gel-Fit liner for maximized comfort

  • Low-profile design for maximum airflow

No disadvantages have been mentioned in customer feedback.

Compared to other similar mouthguards, the Shock Doctor Kool-Aid Mouthguard offers:

  • A superior level of comfort, breathability, and protection in a compact design

  • Durability for an entire season of use

  • Priced at $24.99, making it a sound investment for athletes in search of a dependable, tasty option for sports protection.


In conclusion, the Shock Doctor Kool-Aid Mouthguard is a game-changer in sports safety equipment, offering high-profile comfort, breathability, and protection in a compact design with a refreshing Kool-Aid Cherry flavor.

With its versatile design catering to different age groups and suitability for various contact sports, it’s an investment that will keep athletes smiling both on and off the field.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you supposed to boil shock doctor mouthguard?

It is recommended to boil a Shock Doctor mouthguard by placing it in 3-4 inches of boiling water for 60 seconds.

What mouthguards do NFL players wear?

NFL players, particularly linemen and defensive players, wear 6mm clear sports mouthguards for greater protection against contact, as well as to help reduce the occurrence of concussions.

What is the downside of wearing a night guard?

Using a night guard to treat teeth grinding carries risks, as it may fit incorrectly and irritate the gums, leading to further inflammation. Over-the-counter guards can also potentially make the symptoms worse.

What is the cost of the Shock Doctor Kool-Aid Mouthguard?

The Shock Doctor Kool-Aid Mouthguard costs $24.99.

Can this mouthguard be used with braces?

It is not recommended to use the Shock Doctor Kool-Aid Mouthguard with braces.

Overall Rating: 4.4

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