SmartGuard® Anti-Snore Device: The Ultimate Sleep Solution

Last updated: February 5th, 2024

SmartGuard® Anti-Snore Device: The Ultimate Sleep Solution

Are you struggling with snoring or grinding your teeth at night? The SmartGuard Anti-Snore Device claims to offer a simple, yet effective solution to these common issues. Designed with robust materials and innovative features, this dental appliance promises relief and protection. But how does it hold up under scrutiny? This article puts SmartGuard to the test, examining everything from setup to performance, so you can make an informed decision about whether it’s the right investment for your nightly peace.

Key Takeaways

SmartGuard, crafted with durable polycarbonate resin, targets snorers and teeth grinders with its unique design that promises to reduce nighttime clenching, grinding, and snoring. The device is user-friendly, offering a customizable fit through a simple boil-and-bite process, and includes a 6mm range of adjustable advancement for additional comfort and effectiveness. Despite its features, SmartGuard may have downsides for severe teeth grinders, and its small adjustment pieces can be easily lost, adding potential extra costs for replacements.

Introducing SmartGuard - The Nighttime Teeth Protector

SmartGuard is a distinctive dental appliance. Co-founded by dentists Dr. David Spainhower and Brian Larsen in 2010, this device was brought into the world by the company SmartGuard Inc. The device, also known as the SmartGuard anti snore device, promises to combat snoring and protect your teeth from grinding, making it one of the effective oral appliances on the market. The secret behind this sturdy device’s strength lies in its material - Makrolon® 2858 polycarbonate resin, a hard plastic known for its robustness and biocompatibility. The creators of SmartGuard assert that it’s capable of withstanding the pressures of teeth grinding, a statement we intend to evaluate. As for who stands to benefit from SmartGuard, it seems to be aimed at those suffering from snoring and teeth grinding. If you’ve suffered from these issues, you might just be in the target audience for this product.

Video Review

Setting up SmartGuard is a breeze, with the product requiring no assembly or installation. But how do you get the perfect fit with this device? Here’s where the magic happens: you simply dip the device in boiling water and bite into it to create a perfect mold of your teeth using the molding process. Once set up, if you feel the need for adjustments, the device allows for it. The SmartGuard can be adjusted forward or backward up to 3mm in either direction, providing a total adjustment range of 6mm. But, safety shouldn’t be overlooked. Before initiating the setup, make sure your hands are clean. It is also worth noting that the device comes with small parts that could pose a choking hazard. Therefore, always handle with care.

Unique Selling Points of SmartGuard

The SmartGuard stands out in the crowded market of dental appliances with its unique selling points. Its patented night guard design promises to keep your back teeth separated, putting an end to clenching and grinding, and significantly reducing nighttime teeth grinding. But wait, there’s more! The device also features an Anti-Snore design to tackle that bothersome snoring issue. Might this be the remedy for your snoring issues? Only practical testing can provide the answer. Another notable feature of SmartGuard is its design aimed at preventing sleep apnea. It promises a custom fit for maximum comfort and allows you to adjust your lower jaw position to keep your airway open while wearing it. These are quite some claims, aren’t they? We will now further

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