SnoreRx Snoring Mouthpiece Review

Last updated: January 28th, 2024

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Overview: Pros and Cons


  • Adjustable to individual needs.
  • No need for the boil and bite fitting.
  • Quality materials and FDA approved.


  • Multiple pieces make adjustments tricky.
  • Limited airway opening (4mm) compared to other models.
  • Pricier option at around $110.

Airflow and Effectiveness

The SnoreRx features a 4mm front airway opening, which is slightly less than some competitors. The design does limit the tongue's forward movement which could contribute to snoring, potentially compromising its effectiveness in some cases.

Ease of Use

The standout feature of SnoreRx is its no boil and bite fitting. Users can adjust it by rearranging its parts, though this might pose a challenge due to the intricate design.

Fit and Comfort

While the SnoreRx can offer a snug fit, there's potential for material layers to separate. If the adjustment feature remains intact, it's likely to be comfortable for most users.

Cost Analysis

The SnoreRx sits on the higher end of the price spectrum for DIY snoring mouthpieces, retailing at about $110.

Video Transcript Summary

Key takeaways from the video review of SnoreRx include the mouthpiece's limited airway opening, its adjustable design sans boiling, and its sturdy construction. The price point, around $110, is also highlighted.


While the SnoreRx boasts quality construction, its intricate design and limited airway could pose challenges to its overall effectiveness.


Q: Does the SnoreRx require a boil and bite fitting?
A: No, the SnoreRx offers custom adjustments without boiling and biting.

Q: How wide is the SnoreRx's airway opening?
A: The airway opening is 4mm.

Q: What's the price point for the SnoreRx?
A: The SnoreRx is priced around $110.

Overall Rating: 4.0


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